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Forex exchange - Forex Trading, Spot Metals

Forex exchange - Forex Trading, Spot Metals
Foreign exchange trading pays attention to rules and skills. Those investors who can make money on the foreign exchange platform can do well because they not only follow the relevant rules, but also make full use of the relevant technologies and strategies. So what are the specific foreign exchange trading rules and what is the analysis of foreign exchange trading strategy? This article will give you a specific introduction.
What are the rules of foreign exchange trading
1. Follow the trend
Following the trend is one of the best strategies in foreign exchange trading strategies. If one direction can be maintained for a long time and investors always hold it Forex Trading, investors will obtain considerable benefits. Many technical analysis can also be applied to identify this trend.
2. Reasonable trading
It is believed that no matter whether investors buy or sell at any time, such a transaction should be meaningful to investors for a reasonable reason. Investors should know that the market is creating a trend, the trend is reversed and what the price range is Forex Trading. These can be judged based on news information and technical analysis.
3. Identify market opportunities
Opportunities to make profits in the market occur every day. If investors can identify them, they will get good returns. We emphasize that the market follows events. It can be said that there is a story behind each K-line. The market will not go out of a straight line forward. The correction in price is either overbought or oversold, or the trend caused by the news is forward or reverse. Therefore, only when investors identify these opportunities can they obtain income with confidence Forex Trading.
4. Trading experience
The essence of the foreign exchange market is dynamic. There are many factors affecting the price. Investors must establish their own experience to identify market opportunities and resist risks, which is the key to success. Experience can teach investors to learn various possibilities and there is no absolute assumption. Experience can teach investors how to deal with investors' emotions. We should know that the market is not black or white, but more or less gray. Experience can teach investors how to avoid spiritual feelings. These emotions should not appear in investors' transactions.
Analysis of foreign exchange trading strategy
It is very important to understand the logic behind the image in the foreign exchange trading strategy, which will make investors more confident to use the foreign exchange trading strategy to analyze the foreign exchange chart Forex Trading. The market and trading form displayed by the head and shoulder top is very direct.
The trend line and the price chart complement each other and form a trend together. The downward trend only exists when the trend line continues to decline. If the seller is strong enough and more people want to sell, when investors see that the low point can hardly fall further, the seller is exiting the market, more buyers are entering or the seller is busy selling to make a profi Forex Trading. When prices fell further to a new low, more people began to consider buying. The breakthrough in the neckline shows that buyers can push prices higher and sellers have pulled out of the market.
The head and shoulder of foreign exchange trading strategy is not a random signal that tells us to buy and sell, but tells us the rhythm of the whole foreign exchange trading market. From this perspective, the foreign exchange trading market can really follow the footsteps of buyers and sellers and wait for the time when the market trend changes.
On the issue of foreign exchange trading, this paper focuses on the foreign exchange trading rules and the analysis of foreign exchange trading strategies. We can see that there are many trading rules for foreign exchange trading, which novice friends need to pay special attention to. On this basis, combined with the application of technology, we can make our foreign exchange trading more favorable.
In foreign exchange trading, foreign exchange investment risk exists objectively, because both novices and veterans need to manage the risk, so as to reduce the risk as much as possible. However, many novices don't know what foreign exchange risk management is. This paper introduces the importance of foreign exchange risk management and the basic methods of foreign exchange risk management.
Importance of foreign exchange risk management
As a foreign exchange trader, learning risk management is one of the important rules for survival in the foreign exchange market. It seems easy to master, but it's actually difficult to use. In the industry, brokers like to talk about the benefits of using leverage, but they often ignore the disadvantages of leverage Forex exchange. This makes many traders have such a mentality that they come to the trading platform and take huge risks in order to get more money. This seems too easy for those who use simulated accounts, Forex exchange but once they make real transactions and have emotional fluctuations with their own money, things will change. This is the most important part of risk management.
Foreign exchange risk management can control losses. One of the main forms of risk management is to control the losses of investors Forex exchange. To know when to reduce investors' trading losses, you can set hard stops or mental stops. Hard stop loss is that when investors start trading, investors should set a stop loss price for themselves. Forex exchange Spiritual stop loss is how much pressure investors can bear when investors start trading.
Where to set a stop loss itself needs some analysis and research, but more importantly, it must control the trading risk of investors in a reasonable way and be meaningful to investors. Once the stop loss is set in the heart, or the trading platform of investors, investors should adhere to it. Otherwise, it will become a trap, Forex exchange and investors will move their stop losses farther and farther away. If investors do this, they will not effectively reduce the losses of investors, and it will destroy investors in the end.
Basic methods of foreign exchange risk management
1. Use the correct number of hands
Each trader has his own risk tolerance, and the best rule of thumb is to be as conservative as possible. Not everyone has $50000 to open an account, but it is important to know that the risk of using a small account balance to leverage a large number of hands is very high. Keeping a small number of hands can maintain the flexibility of trading, and manage investors' trading with logic rather than emotion.
2. Avoid tracking excessive transactions
Although learning to reduce the number and scale of hands is a good thing, it will not help investors if they trade too much. It is also important to understand the correlation between currency pairs. For example, if investors short EUR / USD and long USD / CHF, dollar investors in the same direction will buy and sell twice, which is equivalent to two hands of dollars. If the dollar falls, investors will suffer twice as much.
3. Pay attention to the bottom line
The key to risk management is to do a good job in the risk control of investors. The more risk control, the more flexible investors will be when they take action. The foreign exchange market is always in the midst of opportunities, Forex exchange and traders need to be able to act quickly when opportunities arise. By managing risk, investors can ensure that they are always ready to continue trading if things do not go in the planned direction.
On the issue of foreign exchange risk management, this paper focuses on the importance of foreign exchange risk management and the basic methods of foreign exchange risk management. It can be seen that if we can manage the foreign exchange risk well, investors can make investment more flexibly and safely. On the contrary, if we do not pay attention to risk management, the risk coefficient of investment will increase greatly. Forex exchange As for the specific foreign exchange risk management methods, this paper also talks about three aspects of several, which investors can refer to.
Spot Metals Spot gold and paper gold trading rules are more flexible than physical gold trading rules, while spot gold trading rules are more flexible than paper gold. At present, many investors will give priority to gold spot trading. Of course, for novices, Spot Metals the first thing is to master the basic knowledge of gold spot trading and understand the rules of gold spot trading, so that they can be handy in subsequent investment.
Introduction to gold spot trading
Trading varieties: 100 ounces of gold and 10 ounces of gold.
Margin: the margin for one hand (100 ounces of gold) is $1000, and the margin for 0.1 hand (10 ounces of gold) is $100.
Handling fee: the transaction fee for 100 ounces of gold in one hand is a 0.5 point difference (equivalent to the stamp duty of stocks) and a handling fee of $30 (equivalent to the handling fee of securities companies) Spot Metals. The round-trip handling fee for 100 ounces of gold in one hand is (0.5 + 0.5) X100 (USD) = 100 (USD), and the round-trip handling fee for 10 ounces of gold in one hand is (0.5 + 0.5) x10 (USD) = 10 USD.
Price fluctuation: the minimum fluctuation of gold price is US $0.1, which is equivalent to the fluctuation of 10 yuan for 100 ounces of gold and 1 yuan for 10 ounces of gold, that is to say, the price fluctuation of US $0.8 can start to make a profit.
Operation mode: you can short or long. Take April 17 as an example, you can short at 736. Investors sell first and buy back to close their positions when they fall to 728. Then the profit of this wave of decline is (736-728) * 100 = 800 dollars Spot Metals. After deducting the handling fee of 100 dollars, the net profit is 800-100 = 700 dollars, and the profit is 60%.
Gold spot trading rules
1. Two way transaction rules
Spot gold is an investment product that can be traded in two directions. As the name suggests, investors can be long or short at any time. What benefits does the two-way trading rule bring to investors? Spot Metals Reduce the risk of capital quilt and increase profit opportunities at the same time!
2. Margin trading rules
Most gold products are fully traded, physical gold and paper gold are fully traded, and only spot gold is traded with margin. Margin trading means that investors can use small funds to leverage large assets. At present, it only costs US $1000 to invest in one hand of spot gold, and the real price of one hand of spot gold is much higher than this price Spot Metals. Assuming that one hand of spot gold is long at $1450, and the gold price rises by $1, investors will get a return of $100. At this time, the yield is 10%, and the margin trading rules improve the yield.
3. 24-hour trading rules
Spot gold is an international investment product. Its exchanges are all over the world. Therefore, domestic investors can trade stocks 24 hours a day Spot Metals. There are only 4 hours of trading time in stock investment days. In contrast, spot gold has more than enough investment time. Although spot gold can be traded for 24 hours, different time periods correspond to different disk surfaces. At this time, the fluctuation of gold price is also different. Generally, in the US market, the fluctuation range of gold price is greater, and there are more profit opportunities at this time. In the domestic US market, the corresponding time is from 20:30 to 7:00 a.m.
On the issue of spot gold trading, this paper focuses on the introduction of spot gold trading and the rules of spot gold trading.Spot Metals Generally speaking, the introduction knowledge is mainly the understanding of various concepts and the whole spot gold market. Investors should deeply understand the trading rules, which will directly affect the subsequent actual trading. Investors can give full play to their abilities only on the premise of following the trading rules.